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Lock On Love - Furuya Towa is a guy who has an attraction from birth, he is very popular with girls. But Furuya has no girlfriend he plans to find a girlfriend and finally decides to make Misono as the target. Misono is the prettiest girl in school and has never dated. That's waht makes Furuya interested in Misono. Furuya's struggle to get Misono's heart is very big. He must be willing to leave the house and rent a place to live next to Misono.

Lock On Love

Lock On Love

Genre  :      Drama, Romance, School
Release :      October, 12 2018
Director :      Noboru Iguchi
Writer :      Lee Jung-He
Producer :      Motoko Kimura
Cinematographer :      Naoki Kayano
Distributor :      Toei


  1. Erika Karata as Miwa Misono
  2. Kentaro Ito as Furuya Towa
  3. Teppei Koike as Misaki

Actor & Actress

Erika Karata
Kentaro Ito
Teppei Koike

Miwa Misono
Furuya Towa

All Quotes - Lock On Love

Believe in yourselves ~ Misaki
You must say the most important words to the person who is precious to you ~Furuya Towa
Halfhearted speech is meaningless ~ Furuya Towa

Even if i'm not here but everything will be fine. Fight, Miwa if you keep trying, won't he fall in love with you later, right? ~ Misaki

Humans are meant to be together and in groups right? ~ Furuya Towa father's

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Halfhearted speech is meaningless ~ Furuya Towa

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