Quotes Movie Little Love Song

Quotes Movie Little Love Song - Four teenagers who are still in high school really like music, starting from the school festival which held annyally. They try singing to entertain all the students who attended the festival. Multitudes of people were entertained and singing. Starting from that they finally made a band. They get an offer to play music in shibuya on the condition that they have to graduate from high school firsts. However before it happended. Shinji Fukura and Ryota Maeshiro have an accident, unfortunately Shinji Fukumura's life cannot be saved. As a result their band split. Mia Fukumura who is Shinji Fukumura's younger sister found a song which has not been arranged by Shinji Fukumura. Then Mia Fukumura begged Ryota Maeshiro and Kotaro Ikehara to arrange the song and sing it at the school festival. The song is dedicated to Lisa Because Lisa is going to go to leave Okinawa and will be performed at the festival school. Unfortunately Lisa can't see the apperance of Mia Fukumura and her friends because there is a massive demonstration who refused the Americans to set up a military base in Okinawa. Even so Mia Fukumura tried to make a farewell song for Lisa. Then the song was sung near where Lisa lived which was later used as a CD a sign of goodbye.

Little Love Song

Little Love Song

Genre  :      Drama, Music, Romance, School
Release :      May, 24 2019
Director :      Kojiro Hashimoto
Producer :      Akira Mori, Masaki Koide
Visual Effect By
:      IMAGICA Lab.
Co. Visual Effect By
:     CHICA LLC.
Country :      Japan


  1. Hayato Sano as Ryota Maeshiro
  2. Gordon Maeda as Shinji Fukumura
  3. Yuki Morinaga as Kotaro Ikehara
  4. Ana Yamada as Mai Fukumura
  5. Claire Tomiko as Lisa

Actor & Actress

Hayato Sano
Gordon Maeda
Yuki Morinaga
Ana Yamada
Claire Tomiko

Hayato Sano

Gordon Maeda

Yuki Morinaga

Ana Yamada

Claire Tomiko

Ryota Maeshiro
Shinji Fukumura
Kotaro Ikehara
Mai Fukumura

All Quotes - Little Love Song

Sometimes, an ordinary incident can cause an extraordinary effect ~ Lisa Father
It does'nt matter if you don't catch the fish, and it's okay if generation of fishermen stops reaching me. You just do something you like ~ Kotaro Ikehara father
Life is a journey ~ Lisa

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Life is journey ~ Lisa

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