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Rosebud - Hong jang-mi is a girl who works as a factory employee and works at a bar. He then met a man named ryu myung-whan. Then they got into a relationship, not long after that, ryu myung-whan actually got the opportunity to study at Harvard University. But  relationship they both finally experience failure, it turns out that hong jang-mi is pregnant with the child of ryu myung-whan. However at that time ryu myung-whan didn't know it. Time passed so fast after hyun-a was born. Hong jang-mi accidentally runs into ryung myung-whan on the highway. Then ryu myung-whan tried to find an address hong jang-mi because he really wanted to meet hong jang-mi. But when in front of hong jang-mis's house, ryu myung-whan saw hyun-a left the house, then ryu myung-whan followed him wherever hyun-a went until late afternoon. Hyun-a began to notice that he was being followed. Then hyun-a reported to the nearest police. Hyun-a's om comes to the police station to scold the stalker but it turns out that he is hong jang-mi's pervious boyfriend and is the biological father of hyun-a.



Genre  :      Drama, Family, Romance
Release :      January, 16 2019
Directed By
:      Jo Seok-Hyun
Written By
:      Hong Eun-Mi
Country :      Korea


  1. Hong Jang-Mi as Yoo Ho-Jeong
  2. Ryu Myung-Whan as Lee Won-Keun
  3. Choi Soon-Chul as Choi Woo-Shik
  4. Hyun-A as Chae Soo-Bin
  5. Kang-Ja as Park Joon-Myun

Actor & Actress

Hong Jang-Mi
Ryu Myung-Whan
Choi Soon-Chul
Kang Ja

Hong Jang-Mi

Ryu Myung-Whan

Choi Soon-Chul


Yoo Ho-Jeong
Lee Won-Keun
Choi Woo-Shik
Chae Soo-Bin
Park Joon-Myun

All Quotes - Rosebud

I know i don't have any rights, but i'm still his father ~ Ryu Myung-Whan
You don't know what you're doing, so it's okay ~ Park-Ja
You are good mother, try a little bit more ~ Choi Soon-Chul
Sometimes there will be difficulties and sadness in your life, be strong in that moment ~ Hong Jang-Mi

I'll do my best next time ~ Hong Jang-Mi

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Sometimes ther will be difficulties and sadness in your life, be strong in that moment ~ Hong Jang-Mi

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