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Rebirth - Kiwako Nonomiya kidnaps a child named Erina Akimiya, the child of his mistress. Then he took her away to a faraway place so that no one would find out where it was. Nonomiya is eager to have a child, but this cannot be realized because he cannot bear the consequences from the abortion he ever had, that's why he kidnapped Erina. After being a fugitive for several days, Nonomiya found a hiding place that felt safe. The hiding place is called the angel's house. In the place is a destination for everyone with problemms, will be received well. At the house of the angels Nonomiya and Erina got new names, Namely Ruth and Rebecca With the new name they are blessed. Then considered reborn. Because of an incident that resulted in the police having to investigate the angel's house, finaly Nonomiya and Erina left the place. Then go to the island where Kumi's parents live. A year late the island held a national festival. But unconsciously Nonomiya and Erina find themselves photographed by jounalists and published in a magazine. Not long after the police were able to find him Nonomiya knowing her whereabouts through a magazine, then catching her. Erina finally able to reunite with his original familiy. But Erina thiks that her real family is Nonomiya. Erina grew up twenty years ago and decided to leave home to live independently. In her heart, Erina longs to return to the island where she was raised by Nonomiya as a child. Ando, who is Erina's friend while at the angel's house, tries to find Erina's place to live Finally Ando found Erina's place to work and always waited for Erina to come home from work. Here Erina desn't remembert that Ando was her friend at the angel's house. Then Ando invited Erina to go around to various regions to make a documentation. They accidentally visited the island where Erina and her Nonomiya used to live. Erina then remembered something and then tried to meet a photgrapher who had taken her picture with Nonomiya. Erina is so happy that finally what she wanted to go to the island where she grew up finally came true.



Genre  :      Drama, Family
Release :      April, 29 2011
Director :      Izuru Narushima
Writer :      Satoko Okudera
Producer :      Naoki Sato
Cinematographer :      Junichi Fujisawa
Distributor :      Sochiku
Country :      Japan


  1. Mao Inoue as Erina Akimiya
  2. Hiromi Nagasaku as Kiwako Nonomiya
  3. Eiko Koike as Ando
  4. Hitori Gekidan as Kishida
  5. Konomi Watanabe as Erina Akimiya child's

Actor & Actress

Mao Inoue
Hiromi Nagasaku
Eiko Koike
Hitori Gekidan
Konomi Watanabe

Erina Akiyama
Kiwako Nonomiya
Erina Akimiya child

All Quotes - Rebirth

When humans do stupid things, i have to came and help them ~ Chief of angel's house
Everything will be alright ~ Ando
Every problem can be solved ~ Ando

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Every problem can be solved ~ Ando

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