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Joker - Arthur fleck has brain disorder or disease nerves that can caouse laughter in its absence something funny. Arthur work as a clown, but he was often bullied by young people in the city of gotham. Randall, who is Arthur's friend, fives arthur a gun. When the young man bothered him again Arthur was able to defend himself. Then Arthur carried the gun while working to entertain childrern in the hospital. It led to Arthur being fired by the owner of the clown company where he worked. Shile on the train Arthur was beaten by three people who worked at the company owned by Thomas Wayne then arthur shot the three men to death. Starting from the incident the city of gotham went out of control because Thomas Wayne made that statement provoke clown work. Therefore people who work as clowns do demo in front of Thomas Wayn's office. In the presence of the mess the Arthur sneaks up to meet Thomas Wayne then introduce himself as the son of Thomas Wayne. But Thomas Wayne didn't fell like having had a child from Penny Fleck. Hear the fac that arthur began to get out of control then he killed his own mother while he was in the hospital. Arthur was offered a guest appearence on the Murray talk show. It was at this time that the arthur revealed his crimes are broadcast live on all television stations. At that moment murrey tried to continue the event invites arthur to talk normally but Arthur ignores and blame Murrey because Arthur felt insulted by Murray by being made a guest at Murray talk show. Arthur then took out a gun and shot Murray until he was killed. The city had become very out of control due to the clowns watching the Arthur on television and start burning and making riots in every corner of gotham city.



Genre  :      Drama, Crime, Thriller
Release :      October, 2 2019
Directed By
:      Todd Phillips
Writen By
:      Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Produced By
:      Todd Phillips, Bradly Cooper, Emma Tillenger Koskof
Choreographer :      Michael Arnold
Stunt Coordinator
:     G.A Aguilar
Art Director
:      Laura Ballinger Gardner
Assistant Art Director
:      Jeff McDonnald, Michael Auszura, Ann Bartek
Set Director
:      Kris Moran
Concept Artist
:      Hugh Sicotte
Digital Imaging Technician
:      Nick Kay
Camera Loader
:      Carrie Wills
Sound Mixer
:      Tod Maitland
Sound Utility :      Jerry Yuen
Video Playback
:      Mike Sime
Script Supervisor
:      Renee Foley Burke
Lightning Technicians
:      Al Padilla
Country :      Canada, Usa


  1. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck
  2. Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin
  3. Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dummond
  4. Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck
  5. Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne
  6. Glenn Flesher as Randall
  7. Bill Camp as Detective Garrity
  8. Shea Whigham as Detective Burke
  9. Marc Maron as Gene Ufland
  10. Leigh Gill as Garry

Actor & Actress

Joaquin Phoenix
Robert De Niro
Zazie Beetz
Frances Conroy
Brett Cullen

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck

Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin

Zazie Beetz as Sophia Dummond

Frances Conroy as Penny Fleck

Breet Cullen as Thomas Wayne

Arthur Fleck
Murray Franklin
Sophia Dummond
Penny Fleck
Thomas Wayne

Glenn Flesher
Bill Camp
Shea Whigham
Marc Maron
Leigh Gill

Glenn Flesher as Randall

Bill Camp as Detective Garrity

Shea Whigham as Detective Burke

Marc Maron as Gene Ufland

Leigh Gill as Garry

Detective Garrity
Detective Burke
Gene Ufland

All Quotes - Joker

I just hope my death makes more cents than my life ~ Arthur Fleck
The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to be have as if you don't ~ Arthur Fleck

Inspirational quotes in this movie

I just hope my death makes more cents than my life ~ Arthur Fleck

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