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Almost a Miracle - Machida's kindness is to great, it makes his friends fell that Machida is strange. When art lessons begin Machida accidentally injures his hand and has to go to school health unit to get treatment. Inohara at time was in school health unit. Inohara tell Machida, the teacher in charge of school health unit is not around. But Machida insested on waiting until the teacher comes. Inohara who felt sorry for Machida then took care of him. Because there is no bandage so Inohara makes his handkrechief as a cover for Machida wounds. Machida says to return Inohara's handkerchief when she has washed it. But Inohara asked Machida to throw away the handkerchief because it was useless for him. Machida considers otherwise, then he is determined to return it after he wahsed the handkerchief. As time goes by Inohara getting familiar with Machida and starting to like Machida because Machida is a peron of great kindness. Because of machida kindness to everyone Inohara sometimes feels jealous. Just Machida begins to understand what liking is, Inohara is rumored moving schools to London. Although Machida knew the news he did not try to stop it Inohara because he felt Inohara would feel comfortale living in London. Himuro and other friends began to urge Machida to catch up and stop Inohara. The Miracle happened friends Machida who he used to help often, one by one comes to help when Machida is having trouble while pursuing Inohara.

Almost a Miracle

Genre  :      Drama, Romance, School, Comedy
Release :      June, 7 2019
Director :      Yuya Ishi
Writer :      Yuya Ishi
Producer :      Naoki Kitajima
Country :      Japan


  1. Kanata Hosoda as Machida Hajime
  2. Nagisa Sekimizu as Nana Inohara
  3. Takanori Iwata as Himuro
  4. Taiga Nakano as Ryota Nishino
  5. Sosuke Ikematsu as Yoshitaka
  6. Atsuko Maeda as Sakae

Actor & Actress

Kanata Hosoda
Nagisa Sekimizu
Takanori Iwata
Taiga Nakano
Sosuke Ikematsu

Kanata Hosoda as Machida Hajime

Nagisa Sekimizu as Nana Inohara

Takanori Iwata as Himuro

Taiga Nakano as Ryota Nishino

Sosuke Ikematsu as Yoshitaka

Machida Hajime
Nana Inohara
Ryota Nishino

Atsuko Maeda

Atsuko Maeda as Sakae


All Quotes - Almost a Miracle

From now on, no matter how humiliating it is, i will still try my hardest. So that i can change my world ~ Himuro
Because you don't think about your own feelings, that's why you don't understand other people's feelings ~ Machida Hajime
Because there are times when we do strange things for the sake of people we like right ~ Yoshitaka

In this world life will not go smoothly ~  Himuro

Machida is difficult to understand but much better than pretending people understand love when it doesn't ~ Sakae

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Because you don't think about your own feelings, that's why you don't understand other people's feelings ~ Machida Hajime

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