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A Choo - To become the bravest man Yi-Chih registered as a fighter. Even though Yi-Chih was weak, he never gave up. As long as he was on the battlefield he never was all won and have never been knocked out. Hence the nickname stone wall. His feelings for Hsin-Hsin which made him keep getting stronger. When Yi-Chih was fighting Yujiro, who was actually the strongest fighter, he found out that Hsin-Hsin is being held hostage by the Cube. Worried that Hsin-Hsin is hurt, Yi-Chih rushes to leave the battle arena then immediately saved Hsin-Hsin. Because the opponent has super strength Yi-Chih sustained a fatal wound. But he continued to rise again because of his love for Hsin-Hsin very large. Yi-Chih gave his strongest punch and was finally able to defeat the Cube.

A Choo

A Choo

Genre  :      Romance, Fantasy
Release :      July, 15 2020
Director :      Kevin Ko
Production Supervisor
:      Wesley Ko
Production Designer
:      Max Cheng
Director Of Photography
:      Randy Che, Ming-Chung Chiang
Gaffer :      Wei-Fu Chen
Line Producer :      Ting-An Tung, Yen-Ru Chen, Hsiao-Chan Chin
Costume Design By
:      Suk-Ping Cheung
Make Up
:      Diva Beauty
Country :      Taiwan


  1. Ariel Lin as Hsin-Hsin
  2. Kai Koo as Wang Yi-Chih
  3. Xiao-Long Zhang as Liang Yu-Hsuan
  4. Ta-Lung Wang as Chien-Han Yeh
  5. Vanness Wu as Cube
  6. Louis Koo as Flash

Actor & Actress

Ariel Lin
Kai Koo
Xiao-Long Zhang
Ta-Lung Wang
Vanness Wu

Ariel Lin as Hsin-Hsin

Kai Koo as Wang Yi-Chih

Xiao-Long Zhang as Liang Yu-Hsuan

Ta-Lung Wang as Chein-Han Yeh

Vanness Wu as Cube

Wang Yi-Chih
Liang Yu-Hsuan
Chein-Han Yeh

Louis Koo

Louis Koo as Flash


All Quotes - A Choo

Precisely because i feel the place is not good, so i want to help ~ Hsin-Hsin
Never give up, keep getting up ~ Unknown

Inspirational quotes in this movie

Precisely because i fell the place is not good, so i want to help ~ Hsin-Hsin

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