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Psychokinesis - Roo-Mi has a famous fried chicken shop. but the store threatened to be evicted by the taishan company. The director at the taishan company is Hong Sang-Moo. Her employs CEO Min to take care of her project but CEO Min is having a bit of a constraint because the Roo-Mi's father blocks the plan of CEO Min to perform the eviction.


Genre  :      Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Release :      January, 31 2018
Director :     Song-ho Yeon
Writer :      Song-ho Yeon
Producer :      Kim Yeon-Ho, Lee Dong-Ha
Cinematographer :      Byun Bong-Sun
Distributor :      Next Entertainment World
Visual Effect :      Jihyun Kim, Se-kwon Kim, Danyo Donghyun Yoon
Country :      South Korea


  1. Seung-Ryong Ryu as Seok-hyoen
  2. Eun-Kyung Shim as Roo-Mi
  3. Jun-Min Park as Kim Jeong-Hyoen
  4. Yu-Mi Jung as Hong Sang-Moo
  5. Kin Min-Jae as CEO Min

Actor & Actress

Seung-Ryong Ryu
Eun-Kyung Shim
Jun-Min Park
Yu-Mi Jung
Kin Min-Jae
Kim Jeon-Hyoen
Hong Sang-Moo

All Quotes - Psychokinesis

In this difficult time we all have to work together to overcome difficulties ~ CEO Min
If i give up. i will not do this from the beginning ~ Roo-Mi

The best & inspirational quotes in this movie

If i give up. i will not do this from the beginning ~ Roo-Mi

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