Quote Movie Kimi No Suizo Wa Tabetai

Kimi No Suizo Wa Tabetai - Takumi Kitamura a high school student. i find diary by classmate Sakura Yamauchi. she is suffering from a panchreatic disease. i spent time with Sakura. but she die. based on the novel "Kimi No Suizo Wa Tabetai" by Yoru Sumino

Kimi No Suizo Wa Tabetai

Genre  :      Drama, Scholl, Slice of live, Live action
Release :      July, 28 2017
Director :      Sho Tsukikawa
Writer :      Tomoko Yoshida
Producer :      Akira Kobe
Cinematographer :      Hiroo Yanagida
Distributor :      Toho
Country :      Japan


  1. I as Takumi Kitamura
  2. Minami Hanabe as Sakura Yamauchi
  3. Karen Otomo as Kyoko
  4. Yuma Yamamoto as Gamu

Actor & Actress

Minami Hanabe
Karen Otomo
Yuma Yamamoto
Takumi Kitamura
Sakura Yamauchi

An emmbed quotes in Kimi No Suizo Wa Tabetai

Well, me and you have the same value of life ~ Sakura Yamauchi
it is not a coincidence, not because it is swep away also not because of destiny. we all have made the choice to finnaly be at a goal ~ Sakura Yamauchi
Today,  everyday these moments must be kept well ~ Takumi Kitamura

The best quotes in this movie

Today, everyday these moments must be kept well


   Never judge the human by it's cover as they say, as well as the place he life. it made me how realize how short this life.

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