Quote movie Closest Love to Heaven

   Kyou no Kira-kun - This movie is adapted from anime kyou no kirakun-kun. written by Rin Mikoto (manga), Chieko Nakagawa. tells the story of a student senior high school named Yuiji Kira, he's convicted of heart disease that only has a short life time. but it did'nt quickly make him discouraged because he had found a figure that could fill the void in his heart.


  1. Taishi Nakagawa as Yuiji Kira
  2. Marie Litoya as Ninon Okamura
  3. Shono Hayama as Kazuhiro Zabe
  4. Yuna Taira as Mio Yahagi
  5. Kohki Okada as Ayah Yuiji Kira
  6. Rieko Okamura as Ibu Ninon Okamura
  7. Ken Yasuda as Ayah Ninon Okamura

An embbed quotes in this movie

closest love to heaven pic one
Closest Love to Heaven pic one

I wanted to do something that could ease his burden ~ Ninon Okamura
It does'nt matter if it is a dream but i want this moment to continue ~ Ninon Okamura 

Closest Love to Heaven pic two
Closest Love to Heaven pic two

There may be times when something happens that makes we want to run away, but i will be not ~ Ninon Okamura
Father i finally found the meaning of life ~ Yuiji Kira 

Closest Love to Heaven pic three
Closest Love to Heaven pic three

If has a desire certainly will be a way ~ Kazuhiro Zabe
It's impossible to have romance with someone whose future is gone ~ Yuiji Kira 

Closest Love to Heaven pic four
Closest Love to Heaven pic four

There is no guarantee that we are still alive tommorow ~ Kazuhiro Zabe
Congratulations ninon, finally you can be with people who are precious to you ~ Ibu Ninon 

The best quotes in this movie

   Your chance to stay alive for the next ten years is'nt zero percent ~ Kazuhiro Zabe


   although having a disease that can't heal and convicted can't survive longer. we must live this live and when we die there is no one who knows it, so use the short time with the best action.

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